OCR obstacles and parks

OCR parks, OCR playgrounds, OCR obstacles from ORIGINALWORKOUT mean incredible adrenaline, determination, endurance, strength, but also fun and strong friendships. As manufacturer of these OCR parks and obstacles, we are able to design and implement the best OCR park exactly according to your needs and possibilities. We will design, manufacture, deliver, install and educate your training team. We are industry leaders and we are always one step ahead. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time, we will be happy to advise you.


OCR obstacles are essential for quality training to prepare for OCR races such as Spartan Race, Gladiator Race, Tough Mudder, Predator Race, Ninja Warrios, XLETIX Challenge, Muddy Dash, Terrain Race and other currently popular obstacle races. If you want to run well in the OCR obstacle race, you should complete the training with this indispensable training device.

A wide range of interesting obstacles


We also make custom obstacles


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