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To turn your functional fitness tower, indoor or outdoor course into a successful model, careful planning is required from the idea to sustainable use. Since each location and each usage concept must be evaluated separately, there is unfortunately no generally valid patent recipe for the architecture and design. Our experienced architects and designers ensure that your ideas and specifications are turned into a creative and functional concept that will bring lasting success to your company, institution or association.


Based on your ideas and price ideas, our experienced designers and architects will develop a concept that meets all the requirements of statics, construction, functionality and legal regulations. In the course of this process, the architect responsible for your project performs the following tasks:

– He defines the project goals together with you, taking all risks into account.
– He transfers the jointly developed ideas and visions to paper and illustrates them using 3D graphics.
– It helps those responsible to design the premises or external surfaces taking into account technical, functional, ecological, aesthetic and social aspects.
– In order to increase the attractiveness of your functional fitness facility, he proposes the latest materials, proven technologies and intelligent lighting systems.
– You will receive complete documentation, including plans, drawings and specifications.
– He supports the installation team by assisting them in the selection of suitable construction companies, monitoring their prices and competitiveness and monitoring construction progress.

In addition, the architect is responsible for the safety of the construction site, the coordination of the various trades and for the successful acceptance of your functional fitness facility, your fitness parks or fitness trails,


Fitness equipment and functional fitness facilities must meet very high requirements with regard to function, location, capacity, attractiveness and cost-benefit ratio. Since the investment in a high-quality plant, resources, such as buildings and land, ties up over many years, careful planning based on a practical concept is important. Comprehensive overall concepts in fitness and sports facility construction are our speciality. In addition to a competent team of civil engineers, draftsmen and programmers, we are at your disposal for your project with state-of-the-art CAD resources.


  • Competent advice on site
  • Support for engineers and architects
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure, such as buildings or premises
  • Creation of exact 3D models
  • Dimensioning
  • Precise calculation of loads and load capacities, taking into account usage objectives and legal requirements
  • Appraisals

In addition, our engineers take care of the complete documentation of your project, including 3D modeling, calculations, drawings, assembly plans, material specifications and operating instructions.


The Engineering department is responsible for the long-term quality and legally compliant safety of our fitness equipment and facilities in terms of design, manufacture and installation. In cooperation with reliable partners, our experts create project-specific samples and carry out functional tests. This results in analyses and performance forecasts that cover all individual requirements that modern functional devices meet over long periods of time. In order to guarantee the highest quality, our engineering department calls in recognised testing institutes when required.


The safety of our products is an important part of our corporate philosophy. Both users and operators of our functional fitness facilities, outdoor equipment and trimming facilities must be able to rely 100 percent on the functionality of all equipment, its safe operating condition and compliance with legal requirements. To ensure that our products not only meet the specifications, but also all safety requirements, specially trained, experienced technicians take care of professional installation, professional assembly and responsible commissioning of your plant.


Our assembly team specializes in the assembly of indoor and outdoor fitness equipment, fitness facilities and trim paths in compliance with the applicable standards. The assembly work is carried out on the basis of the visualization developed and in accordance with the customer’s specifications. As our specialists have maintained excellent contacts with renowned equipment manufacturers and garden and landscaping companies for many years, they can already look back on a considerable number of successfully completed orders, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to device installation, we also offer the complete earth and foundation work, the selection, delivery and installation of the fall protection depending on the permissible drop height, as well as the design and greening of the outdoor facilities, at an excellent price-performance ratio. In order to meet the highest quality and safety requirements, regular training courses for our fitters are just as self-evident as punctuality, friendliness, clean working and flexibility. Thus, for example, our well-coordinated assembly team is able to assemble an extensive Outdoor Functional Tower or Functional City Park ready for handover within two weeks.


When building fitness and leisure facilities, the focus is not only on functional sports characteristics, but also on compliance with architectural and safety regulations. When it comes to planning and implementing a high-quality, functional, easy-care and durable floor solution for your sports facility, we are your competent, experienced partner. From the idea to the project planning, the soil preparation, including all excavation work, up to the laying of your sports soil and all associated gardening work, we provide you with a practical overall concept from a single source.


You have the idea? We offer you the solution! When planning and building a synthetic fall protection floor or a sports floor, your individual wishes and ideas take centre stage. In cooperation with experienced suppliers, our specialists and installation teams will do everything to create the perfect floor for your functional fitness facility, your trimming deposit, cross fit or sports park. To meet your requirements, we professionally prepare the training area, regardless of whether it currently consists of soil, sand, gravel, tiles or concrete.

Our plastic floors, artificial turf systems and rubber floors are continuously tested by independent institutes. This means that they have all the necessary proofs in accordance with the applicable EN and DIN regulations. An inquiry with pictures of the planned area is sufficient, and our experts will prepare an illustrative 3D subject plan, which we will send to you immediately for inspection and approval.


Successful from the idea to the implementation: with our professional consulting services, we personally support your fitness facility, your institutionor your club right from the start. We help you with business planning, team leadership and management. In addition, we support you in mastering the financing of your project safely.


Get to know the most innovative industry news from our experts and get advice on all questions regarding investment and financing. Upon request, you will receive a detailed business plan, which we will update for you at regular intervals. Our team consists of experienced technicians and engineers, who support you in all financial, organizational and financial aspects directly on site and who will accompany you beyond the opening of your plant, orientated to success.


Experience for yourself how our architects and designers can help you plan your system. Rely on a financing strategy that actually works. Benefit from our outstanding marketing consulting. No matter if indoor or outdoor and no matter how much space you have available: our experts have the optimal solution for you!


In order to meet the specific requirements of functional fitness, strength and endurance sports, our experienced project managers will support you in putting your sports, fitness and leisure facility into practice without conflict. They are always anxious to harmonize the demands on modern indoor and outdoor training facilities with the local conditions. Together with you, our highly trained engineers develop practical concepts. They provide technical advice, develop economic feasibility studies and draw up sustainable, coherent operator concepts.


Already during the planning of a fitness course, it is important to prioritize the future aspect of use. Although our functional training equipment, towers and facilities are self-explanatory, it is often not enough to install them and then leave them to their fate. Whether indoor or outdoor: The full potential of a fitness landscape can only be exploited through further, professionally thought-out measures. Our project engineers translate your wishes and ideas into organisational, spatial and structural requirements. They check to what extent the plans can be implemented. To ensure the success of the project, our project managers define the overall concept and monitor its implementation in all project phases.

In addition, project management functions as a kind of “collection point” at which all project-related information from the trades and departments involved converge. Due to their training and experience, our project engineers are also very flexible internationally. They are able to make targeted and quick decisions, even at short notice if required, directly on your premises. With well-founded knowledge and customer-oriented appearance, our professionals ensure that all work from the signing of the contract to the day of the opening of your fitness facility runs smoothly and on schedule.


Professional functional fitness facilities are long-term assets. Both you as the operator and your customers must be able to rely 100% on their functional, safe condition at all times. Regular inspection, maintenance and servicing are therefore important components of the operation of your fitness facility. In addition, the statutory standards and regulations require regular inspection intervals. To ensure the successful operation of your indoor or outdoor training facility, we offer you comprehensive safety tests and inspections in accordance with international standard EN-12572 for maintenance purposes by our highly qualified specialists.

Our comprehensive inspection and maintenance services include:

  • Examination of the overall level of safety
  • Investigations regarding construction, surfaces, protective systems, anchorages and foundations
  • Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of handles, holders, etc.
  • Inspection of welds and anchorage points
  • Test according to EN 12572-1:2007
  • Visual inspection with regard to deformations

After the inspection and maintenance, you will receive a detailed report.


In addition to regular inspection, the cleanliness of professional fitness equipment is extremely important. Both cleaning the functional equipment itself and the environment in which it is located improve the positive impression that users have and reduce the need for repair. To ensure that you use cleaning agents that do not attack surfaces or moving parts, please observe the instructions of our trained service technicians.

In addition to our service staff, our customer service also includes qualified, experienced safety engineers and technicians. With their expertise and experience, they support our employees on site, even over long distances.

If you would like to know more about our inspection and maintenance services, please contact us.

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