Terms of delivery

Production will only be started after 50% down payment, the remaining 50% payment at the latest 6 weeks after receipt of order or 1 week before delivery. The goods will be dispatched immediately after full payment. On average, shipping takes place after 5-7 working days at the latest. All offers made by the V, including the individual prices, delivery conditions, etc., are non-binding, unless otherwise stated in the offer.


Delivery dates stated by the supplier are always only approximate, unless somethingotherwise expressly confirmed in writing.

The orders of the customer are offers and can be made by the provider in writing, orally, accepted by telephone, by mail or by dispatch of the goods within 2 weekswill be.


Force majeure, import or export bans, delivery prohibitions and delivery restrictions by authorities, but also transport interruptions in one of the countries involved, as well as operational and traffic disruptions at the Provider or its suppliers or causes that are completely beyond the control and supervision of the parties to the contract, entitle the Provider to withdraw from the affected individual transaction. In case of withdrawal, claims for damages are expressly excluded on both sides.