Fitness equipment and functional fitness facilities must meet very high requirements with regard to function, location, capacity, attractiveness and cost-benefit ratio. Since the investment in a high-quality plant, resources, such as buildings and land, ties up over many years, careful planning based on a practical concept is important. Comprehensive overall concepts in fitness and sports facility construction are our speciality. In addition to a competent team of civil engineers, draftsmen and programmers, we are at your disposal for your project with state-of-the-art CAD resources.

Our engineering services include:

  • Competent advice on site
  • Support for engineers and architects
  • Analysis of the existing infrastructure, such as buildings or premises
  • Creation of exact 3D models
  • Dimensioning
  • Precise calculation of loads and load capacities, taking into account usage objectives and legal requirements
  • Appraisals

In addition, our engineers take care of the complete documentation of your project, including 3D modeling, calculations, drawings, assembly plans, material specifications and operating instructions.

Focus on quality and safety

The Engineering department is responsible for the long-term quality and legally compliant safety of our fitness equipment and facilities in terms of design, manufacture and installation. In cooperation with reliable partners, our experts create project-specific samples and carry out functional tests. This results in analyses and performance forecasts that cover all individual requirements that modern functional devices meet over long periods of time. In order to guarantee the highest quality, our engineering department calls in recognised testing institutes when required.

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