Calisthenics trainer education

Creative strength training is your passion and functional training is more than just a sport for you? You would like to turn your hobby into your profession or increase your career opportunities?

Then an OriginalWorkout Calisthenics trainer training is just the right thing for you! OriginalWorkout Functional Training places high demands not only on strength but also on rhythm, balance and responsiveness.

As a Calisthenics trainer, you must therefore have a perfect command of various exercises and be able to pass on your well-founded knowledge to interested athletes with the most varied fitness requirements. Our high-quality original workout Calisthenics Trainer training enables you to plan functional group trainings independently, to instruct athletes correctly and to convey the OriginalWorkout lifestyle.

We currently offer the following training courses:


Are you enthusiastic about exercises such as pull-ups or push-ups and would like to share this enthusiasm with others? With the Calisthenics Trainer Training you will become an expert in this field! Besides Muscle-up, Front Lever and Human Flag you will learn the most different holding exercises as well as powerful Calisthenics moves.

With OriginalWorkouter you broaden your horizon and offer your clients an innovative, effective functional training. After the basic training you will be able to train your clients according to the Calisthenic concept and to adapt the exercises to the individual training conditions of the athletes.

Contents of the Calisthenics Trainer Basic Education

  • Basics of Calisthenic training and OriginalWorkout philosophy
  • Development of the most important Basic Calisthenic exercises
  • Acquisition of basic anatomical knowledge
  • Basic structure of group training hours
  • Incentive


The Advanced Training takes your knowledge and skills to the next level. The complexity of the exercises increases. The demands on the workout are increasing. After completing the Calisthenics Trainer Advanced training, you will expand the repertoire of exercises and make the training units even more effective for your clients. The workout becomes more demanding, intense and versatile for the trainee.

Contents of the Calisthenics Trainer Advanced Education

  • Intensive practical exercises
  • Advanced Original Wrkout moves
  • Objectives and motivation
  • Basics of personnel training
  • Improvement of posture and technique


With the Basic and Advanced Calisthenics Trainer Training you have laid the foundation for the introduction to the Calisthenics competition. During your training, you will considerably expand your exercise catalogue and increase your fitness so that you can participate in an international Calisthenics competition at short notice.

Contents of the Calisthenics Competition Preparation Education

  • Advanced OriginalWorkout moves
  • Complex motion sequences and combinations
  • Basics of the Calisthenic competition
  • Objectives and motivation

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