Project Management

In order to meet the specific requirements of functional fitness, strength and endurance sports, our experienced project managers will support you in putting your sports, fitness and leisure facility into practice without conflict. They are always anxious to harmonize the demands on modern indoor and outdoor training facilities with the local conditions. Together with you, our highly trained engineers develop practical concepts. They provide technical advice, develop economic feasibility studies and draw up sustainable, coherent operator concepts.

Targeted decisions bring your project forward quickly

Already during the planning of a fitness course, it is important to prioritize the future aspect of use. Although our functional training equipment, towers and facilities are self-explanatory, it is often not enough to install them and then leave them to their fate. Whether indoor or outdoor: The full potential of a fitness landscape can only be exploited through further, professionally thought-out measures. Our project engineers translate your wishes and ideas into organisational, spatial and structural requirements. They check to what extent the plans can be implemented. To ensure the success of the project, our project managers define the overall concept and monitor its implementation in all project phases.

In addition, project management functions as a kind of “collection point” at which all project-related information from the trades and departments involved converge. Due to their training and experience, our project engineers are also very flexible internationally. They are able to make targeted and quick decisions, even at short notice if required, directly on your premises. With well-founded knowledge and customer-oriented appearance, our professionals ensure that all work from the signing of the contract to the day of the opening of your fitness facility runs smoothly and on schedule.

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