Maintenance & Inspection

Professional functional fitness facilities are long-term assets. Both you as the operator and your customers must be able to rely 100% on their functional, safe condition at all times. Regular inspection, maintenance and servicing are therefore important components of the operation of your fitness facility. In addition, the statutory standards and regulations require regular inspection intervals. To ensure the successful operation of your indoor or outdoor training facility, we offer you comprehensive safety tests and inspections in accordance with international standard EN-12572 for maintenance purposes by our highly qualified specialists.

Our comprehensive inspection and maintenance services include:

  • Examination of the overall level of safety
  • Investigations regarding construction, surfaces, protective systems, anchorages and foundations
  • Removal, cleaning and reinstallation of handles, holders, etc.
  • Inspection of welds and anchorage points
  • Test according to EN 12572-1:2007
  • Visual inspection with regard to deformations

After the inspection and maintenance, you will receive a detailed report.

Cleanliness and preventive maintenance guarantee long service life

In addition to regular inspection, the cleanliness of professional fitness equipment is extremely important. Both cleaning the functional equipment itself and the environment in which it is located improve the positive impression that users have and reduce the need for repair. To ensure that you use cleaning agents that do not attack surfaces or moving parts, please observe the instructions of our trained service technicians.

In addition to our service staff, our customer service also includes qualified, experienced safety engineers and technicians. With their expertise and experience, they support our employees on site, even over long distances.

If you would like to know more about our inspection and maintenance services, please contact us.


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